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Sunny Side Plucked

'Exposing the lies, the posturing and petty cruelties of the powerful, these poems tear away the shameful veils of hypocrisy to bite deep into the very bones of contemporary Irish society. Nothing, or no one, is sacred for Rita Ann Higgins.

Utterly without artifice or pretension, her voice is at once strong, angry and acid sharp. These are poems of survival and resistance, for a time in which both are difficult.'


Sunny Side Plucked

This is a refreshing collection of work from a quiet untameable poet. Higgins roams the provincial towns and countryside of Ireland fomenting rebellion and writing with unstaunchable energy of everything warm and unrespectable in Irish life. Her voice is like nobody else's, simple but not naive, raucous but sympathetic.


Sunny Side Plucked

'Her poems sharply replect the Ireland of the 1980's and it's inter-locking lives. She is witty and frightening, exposing hidden anxieties or dismissing them to make anarchic fun'

Goddess on the Mervue bus

'There are not many books of poems of which I can say that I can remember the day, the month, the year when I read them. Rita Ann Higgins's Goddess on the Mervue Bus was such a book. It was a cold dark winter's day when I read it and it lit a fire in my heart. To me Rita Ann Higgins means a unique line in human warmth; and a unique colour of humour and a unique clarity'





Rita Ann Higgins


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